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Please read through our FAQ’s to see if your question has been answered before sending us a message. Thanks!

Where are my pictures? Why isn’t my picture posted? What did you do to my picture?!? etc etc etc

Long story short, it’s not posted here. We don’t always post ALL of the pictures from an event, because not every picture makes the cut. Don’t get us wrong we’re sure you looked great but sometimes we have reasons to not post the photo. Reasons include; duplicate photos, eyes closed or partially closed, nudity, gang signs, unhappy patrons, or someone in your party asked us to delete it after it was taken.

Sometimes the picture looks awesome when you see it in the club but the small screen on the camera is deceptive, you can’t always see if someones eyes are closed or if a nipple slipped out. So bear with us if a picture doesn’t make it up there’s usually a reason.

But why didn’t MY specific picture make it up?
Sorry, we see about a thousand pictures a week so we can’t give you a specific reason why it’s not up.
Can you email me my picture?
Sorry we talk to way too many people to hunt down a picture and send it to you directly.
Not even one picture?
Sorry, not even one.
I’m a photographer, an awesome photographer, and I live and shoot in Sacramento. Can I feature my work on
All photographers interested in joining the collective must be approved by the collective first. So please get your portfolio together and contact us if interested. Don’t be sad if you don’t make the cut, you can always try again later. We do have a focus on nightlife, event, and food/drink photography but we are open to some other types as well.